• Any size, any shape
  • Existing action shots or studio shots
  • We can work with your existing school theme, create a new theme or keep the poster theme-less

“Work your magic.”   That is a saying we hear a lot when it comes to posters.  We make it our goal to really listen to our clients and do our best to implement your theme.  Some schools prefer us to design a “look” that is carried through all of the various sports posters.  This can be cost-effective.  If you want each poster to say something different, we can do that too!

The process is simple:  Send us your photos, logos, etc.  Tell us a little about your vision and what you want featured.  We will “work our magic” and send you a proof.  Designers will edit the poster as much as needed to get it right before we load your print ready file to the printer.  In the end, you have a poster to promote your team that you and your fans will love!

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  • Pregame, In-game and Post-game graphics ready to share on all social media platforms
  • Custom designs, easy and quick to update
  • Presented by our new platform – Gameday Infographics

Welcome to the world of social media!  Connect with your fans with our infographics, presented by our new department Gameday Infographics!

How does it work?  It’s all about keeping the process simple for the client.  We begin by getting your approval on all designs.  We train you on how to update the finished product with real, game information.  The product is then pushed to you for easy and quick updating.  Pregame lineup graphics, in-game score updates and a thorough post-game breakdown are all available.  The price is right and the update process is simple.  Social media graphics will never be the same for you!

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Media Guides

With a strong background in the sports information area – we speak the language when it comes to media guides.  Instead of babbling about what we can provide when it comes to media guide designs – we thought a nice organized bullet point list would do the trick.

  • We can design the entire guide for you or just the covers.
  • Our price per page quote includes an online guide (in color) and a print ready grayscale version.
  • If you need a page border done to match covers, we can do that – all setup in and Adobe InDesign stylesheet
  • Our convenient FTP site make it easy to transfer a large amount of photos, text

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Growing and informing your fan base takes tremendous effort.  We are here to ease the process.  Impact visuals are key and the following is a list of products we can provide as you attempt to connect with old, current and new fans:

  • Schedule cards
  • Magnets
  • Season ticket and thermal ticket designs
  • Credentials
  • Ticket brochures
  • Camp brochures
  • Game programs
  • Fundraising brochures
  • Facility banners
  • Wall murals

Needless to say, if you need something designed – we can do it.

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Virtual Guides

We are keeping up with the times.  You want proof?  Two words, virtual guides.  Coaches love them and they give prospective recruits a one-stop shop to checkout everything in the program.

How do we do it?   We take your photos,video clips and links and we “pretty them up”.  The finish product is a sleek, good lookin’ interactive virtual guide that provides a “wow factor” to anyone who comes across it.

  • Create a sleek, interactive online virtual guide that provides the “wow factor”
  • We can host the virtual guide on our server with custom page flipper template installed or we can provide the finished guide to you in PDF format
  • Edit videos, create photo galleries and provide custom links for your virtual guides
  • Create the entire guide or create page templates/cover template that you can run with

If you haven’t implemented a virtual guide at your school, please take a moment to check these out!  They are the latest and greatest!

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Web Design

The internet provides endless possibilities to connect with fans, alumni and recruits.  We are here to enhance the experience of each of those groups online.  Look at the list below of what we can provide, contact us and we’ll get the ball rolling:

  • Website design
  • Recruiting websites
  • Social media splash pages
  • Wallpapers
  • Website splash pages
  • Gameday page designs

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Everything Else

Give us a shout, we would love to work with you!